Monday, December 28, 2015

If there was any confusion about how much Henry is into Christmas, let's dispel that now. He's bananas for Christmas, at times almost uncontrollably.

Henry and Piper sleep in the same room, and for convenience we still have a baby monitor in that room; the main idea being that if Piper wakes up and needs some help we can respond to it before if becomes an air raid siren that rustles up Henry. And old habits die hard, so the monitor is clicked on each night.

Early morning on Christmas Day the noises started. The first occurrence at 2 am was a rustling on the monitor, a thump of feet leaving the bunk, followed by thudding feet towards the door, the door clunking open, silence as Henry peered at the dark first floor, and then a clunking of the bedroom door as he tumbled back into his room. Ditto at 6:30 am as well. Both times Mommy and Daddy whispered prayers that he wouldn't take a turn towards our door. It wouldn't surprise me if we snoozed through a few other expeditions.

How Piper slept through this thumping and clunking is a Christmas miracle. I quickly grabbed a 7 am shower and hustled downstairs to start the oven for the breakfast casserole. Around 8 am the whole house was up, buzzing, and soon filled with mountains of torn paper.

IMG_8941 (Large)

Piper seemed genuinely excited, though mostly because the house was filled with new things, papers, and excitement. She was marginally interested in tearing open packages, but heavily interested playing with her Duplos.

IMG_8966 (Large)

Full set of Christmas 2015 pictures.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The holidays are becoming more of a blur each year as these kids get a little bigger every day. This year we've seen Santa four times, largely because here in Alaska we're so close to the North Pole. We saw him on a whim at Bass Pro, and then on purpose at a work event and the Christmas Train. By the time Santa showed up after the Preschool Christmas play, Henry was ready to take a pass.

"I told him last week that I wanted a Matchbox Treasure Truck. He knows. Let's get some juice."

Good point.

Later that day he received the treasure truck as a planned reward for all the hard work that led up to his narrator part.

"Looks like Santa won't need to bring that treasure truck. I bet he knows something else you'd like."

"Yes. Santa is going to bring Legos now."

A very calm, pragmatic young man.

IMG_8902 (Large)

As you can see above, Henry has a genetic ability thanks to his father for putting his hands in his pockets and politely waiting for life to get moving again.

The Santa train was well worth it again this year. Santa jumped in our booth and said, "Hold up your finger. Thumbs up!"

Santa was being confusing. As you can see, Henry went with the first sentence.

Santa train pictures here.

IMG_8852 (Large)

All Christmas play photos here.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Nativity Play

Friday the 11th had a big, bright circle around it on our calendar. I arranged to be out of work that morning, our cameras were given fresh batteries, and Henry's nice sweater was set aside.
Henry's preschool Christmas concert was set for that Friday and would involve a handful of Christmas songs like last year. Given that the kids are 4 this time around, the school upped the ante and added a nativity play along with the songs.
About a month ago Henry's teacher approached us with the idea of Henry reading the narration while the play moves around in the foreground. It seemed like a great fit -- Henry is a good reader and dislikes singing and walking around in costume. Henry soon jumped on board when it was explained that there would be no costume for the narrator.
So we soon began practicing the script nightly, noticing his clarity and volume improving each day. Ms. Nancy also reported the same strong results from their school practices. Each iteration got better and better, but as parents we were nervous about what show time would bring. Speaking in front of a crowd isn't even fun for most adults.
Skipping to the result, Henry did great. He was not rattled by a full room of people and their glowing smart phones, nor did he neglect to aim his words into the microphone. As parents, we couldn't be prouder of our young man.
After speaking to the principal after the performance, I can report several more reasons the 4 year old Christmas performance was a smoother event than other 2015 performances at Amazing Grace.
  • There was no nudity. As in, a young lady did not pull her dress over her head.
  • There were no "runners" during the performance.
  • There were also no accidents during the songs.
 The entire nativity play is below, and it is 9 minutes in length.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Henry's preschool had a snack buffet of each student's favorite foods as a sort of Thanksgiving meal. We were told that as Henry had asserted Brats as the greatest food in the world, that we'd need to bring a few to share.


We were also told by the teachers that Henry contributed the funniest comment to the booklet, but that we'd need to wait until the booklet came home. It's a pretty good comment. We'll let your mind wander as to the specifics of the picture he's painting.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For whatever reason the Halloween Party at Preschool is always named the Fall Festival. It's just fun. All kids and staff wear costumes, there are games everywhere, and candy is handed out.

Henry gave each game a tumble, enjoying the hockey and duck games the most. Piper won the cake walk on her first try, after which she wisely picked a very full bag of cookies from the table.

It was happily clear that Henry really loves his teacher, Mrs. Nancy. As parents it's very comforting to have had really good luck with teachers over the last few years.

IMG_8755 (Large)

You can never going wrong when the game is flinging things at big pumpkins.

IMG_8756 (Large)

Piper has been walking everywhere these past few weeks, and has consequently become a bit of a wanderer. She remains a little nervous around strangers, but when she was at the museum with me last weekend she would pick a direction and then throw it into gear, plowing ahead with zero regard for where Henry or Daddy were. I kept expecting her to eventually pause when she realized we were nowhere to be found, but that didn't happen. We're in the toddler phase where I hang back and occasionally step up to turn her in a new direction. She's on the run.

IMG_8745 (Large)

Thursday, November 5, 2015


In preparation for Halloween we've spent a little time cruising the kid friendly channels for holiday specials. Henry and I ended up on ABC Family watching the last 30 minutes of Poltergeist while Becky and Piper thumped around upstairs, reading stories and toying with laundry. I honestly had not seen the movie in a long while, and mainly remembered that it was very good. I did recall that some of it was creepily effective, but assumed that by virtue of it being on ABC Family that it was edited a bit.


It remains an effective movie, and I quickly worried about nightmares and the like. But Henry kept wanting more so I left it on, checking in every 5 minutes or so.

"Are you scared?"

"No. It's all pretend."

Rinse. Repeat every handful of minutes.

"Is the girl in the tv ok?"

"Yep. She's fine. She'll be OK in the end."

And that's all that concerned him.

As the final moments of the film reached their crescendo and the home collapsed into the gaping maw of a haunted burial ground, Henry had a single statement. "They're going to need a big construction team to rebuild that house."

"Are you scared? You sure?"

"It's pretend. The little girl is ok and now they need to get a construction crew. I like that they stayed in a hotel and put the tv outside."

Becky rolled her eyes a bit and made a clear demand. "You're getting up if there are nightmares."

Everyone has continued to sleep well.


The Halloween weather was pretty great this year -- a little snowy but in the high 20's. Henry's fire fighter costume was loose enough to layer over his lined pants and gotchkees. He even made it through the evening with his ears exposed.
Piper had a harder time. Her spider costume is built upon a black sweatshirt and sweatpants, so layering underneath is key. However, she is a little bigger than Henry was when he donned the costume, so the layering was a little tougher.
Here were the facts when the dust settled:
  • Dad had to hold the sweatshirt closed while Mom zippered it up, it threatening to burst the whole while.
  • Piper was unable to walk, move, or even turn her body.
  • When she tipped over in the house, she remained flat on the floor, wiggling and crying.
  • Basically, she was bundled up like Randy in A Christmas Story.

Piper and Mommy rang doorbells for about 30 minutes before heading home. Henry and I stayed out on an additional hour. We hit the same neighborhood as last year and in general did much better; more generous handfuls of treats and a 4 year old willing to walk the whole way.



The real snow of the season arrived a few days later. I survived handily commuting on my bike and the kids played outside. Piper seemed deeply unsure about the weather. The one thing that is certain is that she really looks like a Turek in this photo. She's definitely related to her brother.

And Henry is perpetually on the job.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Chilly mornings and nights are the norm now, though mid days are above 32 degrees, so the inevitable snow is presenting itself as rain. As a bike commuter, I cannot complain. As someone itching to get out the sleds, skis, and skates -- let's get going.

The Alaska Aces have many weekend hockey games throughout a given month, but only one that is at 3pm (the majority are at 7 pm). We're making it a goal to make that game each month, and the first one was a success. Henry and Maggie both wore jerseys, gobbled popcorn, marveled at the Zamboni, and snuck as many pulls of diet coke as possible. It all adds up to a great time made even better by several hours of home time to calm down after a long game. Next time we'll need to come a little early and try to snag a puck during warm-ups.


The Bonny Sosa races are a weekly cross-country running fall series here in Anchorage. I had not run them before, but seeing as Henry is a big 4 year old that loves to run, we pumped him up with tales of wooded paths, sprinting crowds, and opportunities to wear his beloved Hershey sweatshirt. He was in, and we quickly planned on attending the nights that were on the east (our) side of town.

The first munchkin race was 1.25K and the second was 1.5K. He ran the first one non-stop while holding my hand, finishing with a smile and a question. "Where is our championship cup?"

The second race found Henry just starting to develop a cough, but doggedly wanting to participate anyway. During the race we downshifted into some walking now and again, but Henry powered through and sprinted the final 30 yards as Mommy and Piper waved and yelped at us.

Running around the woods with a smiling kid is always a victory.


Time marches on. Piper is old enough and has enough teeth to now find herself with a chart and a recurring appoint with Dr. Bob. She didn't mind his peering into her mouth with a small light, nor his touching her gums for impending teeth. She did have a little fit when the fluoride was applied, but that's fair enough.

Henry had that reaction at that age as well, and now he sits quietly with sunglasses as his teeth are examine, the sugar bugs picked and buffed away. I have to believe his comfort at the dentist is largely because of some rocky visits 3 years ago that soon gave way to familiarity.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall is chugging along and we are almost looking forward to winter. Honest. We've booked our January trip to Hawaii and it's now really hard not to only look towards that. Halloween? Christmas? A few birthdays in the middle? All speed bumps in the road.

All the grandparents will be coming along as well. The whole family is excited -- a fair amount of calls/texts are dominated by flight and resort chatter. Brochures are stacked up here and there and I can barely keep up with all we'll be doing. I only understand the dates we'll be going, that it will be warm, and that Henry needs to keep enjoying his swimming lessons. Everybody else is happily knee deep in details.

There are hurried trips out to the parks before the snow sets in, weekend adventures to the museum, and plenty of sandbox time. It's Alaska, so we'll just get some snow gear on in a few weeks and keep doing whatever we want to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The trees are rapidly changing colors, it's raining 6 days out of 7, and the snow is starting to stick on the tops of the mountains. All are signs that preschool is back in session at Amazing Grace. Henry has been excited for quite a few weeks to say the least.

Our dinner time prayer has now shifted to "God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Henry, Piper, and Ms. Nancy and the kids." For old times sake, "Ms. Debbie and the kids" often makes an encore appearance in Henry's prayers (along with any family members we've spoken with in the recent past). On day one, let it be known that Henry clearly knew the name of his teacher.
IMG_8587 (Large)
All has been going well, and thanks to being off every other Friday, Daddy is able to take him to school now and again. Life seems like it's really speeding up as Kindergarten is only a year away!
Piper and Becky missed the State Fair last year, but Piper is a bigger, more mobile lady these days, so off to the fair went all four Tureks. In particular, Becky was looking forward to rides with Henry.

IMG_8536 (Large)

As usual, we made it there right when the gates opened, hoping to miss the crowds, which we did. Our mission sent us immediately straight to the kiddie rides, which was oddly the wrong plan. The handful of folks that enter the fair at 10am on the dot tend to be people with strollers that want to hit the rides first. So, the fair in general was dead, except for the rides. The lines weren't really that bad, but it was funny once we did the math on our false start.

IMG_8512 (Large)

As sure as the turning of the earth, the lumberjack show was a winner. With competitors from Hayward, Wisconsin Dells, and Eagle River (WI), we felt at home. Henry once again scrounged up a cutoff piece of log and Piper smiled quite a bit.

IMG_8482 (Large)

As expected, everyone dozed off on the ride home. All pictures here.

Friday, August 21, 2015

After the single night camping trip was such a success back in June, I quickly scheduled a two night trip for August. The whole Turek clan would be settled back in after the July Midwestern trip, and there would actually be darkness for some of the night (in June it was a hard sell for Henry to go to bed when the tent just remained aglow under the midnight sun).

I picked another nearby campground that was close to some salmon streams, as Henry was going to get his first chance to hook some fish. Portage valley is a pretty area, has plenty of hiking and glaciers, and is only 50 miles away. Perfect.


The weather was not perfect to say the least. Friday night was pleasant and clear, Saturday morning was overcast yet dry, and Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon was continuous rain. As you can see above, when you put Henry in his rain gear, he's happy and ready to go.

If Henry has had any difficulty on these trips, it's been in steadying himself during the hour it takes me to load up the truck. He alternates between bouncing off the walls inside and standing seriously in his boots next to the door.

Below is Henry's first fish -- the literal first fish he's ever caught. I would hook into the pink salmon that day and then promptly pass the pole over to this smiling guy. I think he, quite frankly, loved it. He also had his own brand new fishing pole, which I wisely set up only with a bobber and small sinker. He spent plenty of time casting into the creek, trees, and everywhere else -- while I was calmly pleased to have not attached any hooks to his line.


When we arrived the tide was way in, but thankfully within 20 minutes the water started to drift back out to sea. I've fished this creek before and know that eventually it will recede such that we can stand on gravel to fish. Off we hiked across the mud that had recently been covered in search of more fish.

Henry took a few tumbles in the mud and didn't care for it, but after getting rinsed off seemed back to 100%.


Saturday afternoon and evening, we cooked in the drizzle, hiked 3 miles in a downpour, and started a fire in the slowing rain. The temperature was reasonable, though the rain was pretty annoying. Henry was the one demanding the hike, fire, and everything else though. He only fussed after falling in the mud at the creek, and after taking a tumble after getting his foot caught on the edge of the tent. He loved it all, rain or no rain.

After dinner I suggested we read stories in the tent thanks to the rain, but Henry asserted that we ought to walk through the campground to "stretch our legs after eating." Ok. I'm glad we did because we ran into a handful of people that alerted us to a black bear and cubs cruising around the campground. Henry was pretty excited about this, and with our bear spray at the ready and the abundance of dogs throughout the other campsites, I wasn't worried at all. Exciting times for the Turek guys.

All camping photos here.

While the boys were away, our young lady took advantage of all the toy trucks that sat lonely and untouched.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm sure in a few years there will piles of kids running around, but for Piper's first birthday we decided to keep it very low key. Randy and Kelly were kind enough to host for us, even though they had just returned from a trip a few days earlier. Becky and the kids had just returned from the Midwest a week earlier as well.

 All told, everyone had yet to completely settle back in to Alaska. A pile of cupcakes were put together, some brats were thrown on the grill, and a few friends were invited.

IMG_8393 (Large)

Piper had to be primed with a some frosting on Mommy's fingers, after which she start digging in herself. Oddly, she never dove in full force. Everyone seemed impressed that she is such a dainty young lady, but as parents we quickly mentioned that she can put on a mess quite well.

Piper eventually dozed off in Mommy's arms as we continued to visit and chat about European vacations and our perfect Alaskan summer.

IMG_8387 (Large)

Full set of birthday party photos here.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I think we're finally settled back into Alaska. The new 4Runner has the plates from the DMV, the fridge is full, and all new clothes from the trip are washed and folded away. We've even headed out to some events with our pre-school social groups. We're back in the swing.

Here is a photo dump:

Minocqua, WI

Hershey, PA

Gettysburg, PA

Hebron, IN

Fair Oaks Dairy

Misc. Wisconsin

Or, just start at the beginning of all of the photos in one big pile.

Monday, August 3, 2015

We're still happily hanging around 70 degrees here in sunny Alaska, though the fireweed is getting high enough to signal that we're probably 5 weeks away from fall. It will be getting chilly very soon, but from the current weather you'd think summer was never going to end. It's never easy to perfectly time blueberry picking in south central Alaska -- it seems that once a news story signals that the berries are in, you can bet that the wisest pickers have already raided the obvious spots 7 days prior. It's a sport to be sure.

Most folks have a hidden spot, and we are no exception. However, our spot is at the end of a really arduous trail, one that has steep trails that involve crawling on your knees for several sections. It's a tough slog, but the berries at the top are well worth it. That place will need to wait a few years for Piper and Henry to get a little sturdier, so in the meantime we headed to Eagle River for a smooth, easy trail to the mountainside.

IMG_8323 (Large)

As we expected, the bushes were a little picked over, though there were berries to be found once you adjusted your eyes to their size, color, and level. Soon Henry and I were bent over, picking away at the wild treats. Henry insisted on using the berry picker and seemed to get the hang of it quickly, particularly when I pointed at clusters of berries so he could slowly line up the picker. Becky and I ultimately put together a nice 2-3 cup bag of blueberries.

Being conservative, I believe Henry picked at least 30 blueberries. Most importantly, he immediately popped each berry into his mouth and chomped down. He even grabbed a handful from my bag for good measure. We gently chided him about saving some for muffins tomorrow, but he would only giggle and shovel them in faster. It's hard to be upset about your kid eating too much wild fruit.

Full set of photos here.

IMG_8333 (Large)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Becky, Henry, and Piper continue their rambling across Indiana and Wisconsin. I'd mention Illinois, but they have only enjoyed 294 and the Belvidere oasis, which doesn't count for much.

Even though it was only an 16 hour stopover, the time spent in Indiana was well worth it. Aside from our wedding photos, I believe this is the only other time we've put together a complete grandparents photo. This one has more energy than our 2009 wedding photos -- people aren't wearing stuffy clothes and cute kids are wiggling around.


Henry is at an age where all he wants is to be outside and involved, in whatever is potentially afoot. He'd prefer it if you'd call them chores, but he won't quibble as long as you hand him a tool or give him a job that involves dirt or digging. Below he's picking beans in Coloma, and later Grandpa coached him up on proper hoe usage. The result ten minutes later was a single, well hoed hole in the garden (no worries, as Grandpa had wisely turned him loose in an empty section).


While receiving texts enumerating trips to the farm in Edgar, lakes in Minocqua, playground in Eau Claire, and Coloma library and playground, I'm staying busy in Anchorage buying a new 4Runner, steam cleaning the carpets, and in general cleaning things up with a concentration that is impossible with 2 active kids cruising around. Becky and I are both busy, and before I know it the circus will be back in Alaska tearing up town with their new car.

It's always a sign of a good vacation when you need to unwind from it. It sounds like Becky and the kids are as busy as is humanly possible. I'd better brace myself for a tired bunch that will be filled with endless stories they cannot wait to tell.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Even though I spent a decent 10 days running around the Midwest with our little circus, it was ultimately a drop in the bucket when compared to the miles and time Becky and kids are accruing in their remaining tear between northern Wisconsin and eastern Pennsylvania. They're still in the middle of their month long trip as I type this in Alaska.

Henry and Piper have been doing very well given the long miles on the road. Here they are below, stopping in Abbotsford, WI for ice cream. In the 90 something degree heat the line was predictably far too long at Hawkeye Dairy, though Becky politely snapped a photo in front of the giant ice cream cone for me (As a child I stood many times in front of that same magical cone).


While the rest of the Alaskan Tureks ramble across the central time zone, I'm left uploading photos and sorting through our busy spring. It was a busy and happy time to be sure.

IMG_6769 (Large)

She's getting blonder everyday.

IMG_6840 (Large)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

IMG_6906 (Large)

We may have created a monster. Our planned July visit to the Midwest put Henry's birthday at Grammy and Grandpa's in Indiana, so if we wanted any degree of an Alaskan party that would need to be a June affair.

So, a June party was held at Oceanview park, plenty of Henry's friends attended, and it was a great time. Oh, as is the tradition it seems, Mom and Dad gave Henry his presents prior to the park party. It just works out smoother that way (and saves a few extra things to haul out to the park). So before we even set foot on that southbound plane, the kid had already attended 2 parties in his honor.

Even though the Indiana dinner and cake was a small affair, it still was a third event. He's going to think that birthdays encompass a month!

He's old enough to understand why things were that way, so I'm only joking. Still, that's a lot of cake.

Full birthday party photos here.


Summer's bad news is that our 4Runner was totaled, thanks to a younger driver making a u-turn. Nobody was hurt, we are not at fault, but we now find ourselves hustling around for a new vehicle. It's more fun to take your time and pick something out that way, yet forward we must go.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My first camping trip with Henry was a complete success. I planned conservatively and booked a single night at a campground around 60 miles away. If the weather turned poor or something else went sideways, we could chuck everything in the Ranger and be home in a little over an hour.


Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened. As I began digging the gear out of the garage, Henry paced inside the house wearing his hat, windbreaker, and boots. We were still an hour away from being ready to leave, but Henry was ready at that moment. It was very exciting to know he was that pumped about the trip, though it did put the pressure on Dad to make sure I delivered.

We settled into Granite Creek later that afternoon. Henry eagerly helped pitch the 2-man tent, wiggled around inside it, and then headed down to the creek with his excavator and dump truck. I snapped pictures of him and read a book as he dug in the gravel, drove cars in and out of the water, stomped around in his XTRA-TUF boots, and happily got dirtier and dirtier. The blaring sun fooled us into forgetting that 7pm was upon us and we still hadn’t eaten dinner.

With hot dogs in our stomachs we then loaded up the bike trailer and pedalled down the trail towards Hope. Henry dozed off on our ride, but soon perked up when we pulled into camp and his ears caught wind of the word “s’mores.”

The midnight sun was a bit of a challenge for tent sleeping, but Henry did fall asleep somewhat near his normal time. The problem was in waking up at 6:30 thanks to the blazing sunlight. After a few pancakes we found ourselves cleaning up camp and bound for the Girdwood’s playground.

All around it was a victory. We’ve already booked 2 nights in August at another campground, which Henry is very pumped about. Now we need to get a larger tent and get Mommy and Piper out there next summer.

The greatest moment -- the water pump. Over and over again, the water pump.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It may only be a paragraph, but the state of Wisconsin has seen fit to publish my writing. There was a strict word limit, so I compressed some thoughts and ended up sounding like F Scott Fitzgerald. If you pick up the "Wisconsin's Great Lakes" calendar, look for me in December.

Monday, June 22, 2015

For Grandpa’s final night in Alaska, we headed out to Palmer to have dinner at the Ale House. The food was very good, and the old, long rectangular building was very interesting. It reminded me of the rusty mills or train stations that scatter themselves throughout small town Wisconsin, usually sitting dusty and quiet in the hopes of opening again.

IMG_6679 (Large)

As is often the case, Henry wasn’t terribly interested in waiting at the table, so we walked laps around the building in the bright sunlight. After climbing on boulders in the parking lot and running around the outdoor concert stage, we soon ended up back inside chomping on fries and a hamburger.

The side of the building has a back door accompanied by a long sloping ramp for deliveries. Given that this is Alaska, the ramp is iron and textured for safe footing in the winter. Well, while running around after dinner on our way to the car Henry caught his toe and went face first into the iron grate. I have never heard such screaming, but not to worry – his face was uninjured because his hands took the entire brunt of the fall.

His knees were scuffed and his hands looked downright ugly, but after calming down he allowed mommy to rinse his hands and bandage them up. He took it well and settled down for the hour long ride home.

He didn’t like it, but he stood still back at home as we cleaned the wounds, applied antibiotics, and finally bandaged him for bedtime.

IMG_6680 (Large)

By next morning he was eager to keep the bandages on as long as possible because they were neat. He also couldn’t be slowed down from sharing his story. “I fell on a cheese grater.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The St Elizabeth’s summer hike club is in full swing, so I jumped at it on my Friday off. The rain was pretty steady, so Becky stayed at home with a tired Piper while Henry and I layered up our heavy duty gear and headed for the Eagle River Nature Center. The turnout was better than expected – about 6 moms, a plethora of kids, and Henry and Daddy. I knew a few of the ladies, but ultimately was just happy to hang out with a smiling Henry and his tightly zipped Muddy Buddy.


I think we hiked a little over a mile, but it’s probably more accurate to state that we spent almost 2 hours tramping along the trail, stopping often to climb logs and take pictures. There was some fussiness at the end in some corners of our group, though I am happy to report that Henry remained stoically focused on getting to the warmth of the visitors center in spite of being tired.

He beamed and chewed on a fruit snack. “Daddy, I powered through.”

Yes, you sure did.

The highlight was when I plopped Henry into the tree stump and then told him he looked like a tailgunner or tank operator.


Piper felt better by the next morning, which makes it all the wiser that she was kept home. A 50 degrees constant rain wouldn’t have helped her.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Becky went up to Talkeetna with Grandpa, Randy, and Kelly to enjoy the 70 degree weather, so I took that Saturday with the kids and loaded them up for a hike to Symphony Lake. It’s a beautiful view and even though it is far enough up the mountain to be above the treeline, it’s actually a very flat trail. It’s a great walk for a pre-schooler.


Piper loves getting in the pack, looking around from a new height, and babbling away. Henry made it a point to wave at all the hikers that passed us by, telling them that we were “enjoying the beautiful view.”

We hiked about a mile in before taking a break to spread out on the tundra and give Piper a bottle. Henry was very curious about the blueberry and bog berry bushes, along with chasing around little spiders. Piper happily dozed off after whistling down a full bottle.


Awake and filled with food, Piper bleated loudly along the trail, while Henry was beyond happy that he was able to fling his banana peel into the woods. He asserted that we must return soon and check on them.

We were all a bit tired by the time we made it back to the 4Runner, having put in a little over 2 miles. In Alaska you must embrace the summer days. The skies were blue, sunny, and light for a little over 19 hours (dusk follows for 5 hours). We’ll catch up on sleep in the winter.