Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter came with a great deal of excitement and expectation. The Easter Bunny brought Henry 2 gifts last year, therefore it is understood that he will bring 2 gifts each year forever and ever. This conclusion came about as we had to remind Henry that the Easter Bunny is not like Santa, meaning he should not expect mountains of gifts. Some hidden eggs, a basket of sweets, and 2 small gifts is plenty.

Just to be on the safe side, we insisted on near nudity for egg coloring, which Henry was happy to oblige (pants are a challenge some days). He was much better this year at gently lowering the eggs into their Paas baths. I credit his fine motor skills to all of the lego usage.

Henry and Piper were champions at the dentist this past week. When asked if his teeth were bothering him, Henry replied clearly. "No, but my tummy hurt a few weeks ago."


"I scraped it on the art table."

So Dr. Bob considered this seriously and then made the choice to blow on his stomach with the air jet. Henry laughed and asserted that it helped a great deal.