Thursday, May 31, 2012

Henry is almost always an easy going guy, and in the rare cases where he decides to fuss the reason is usually pretty obvious -- tired, hungry, wet, nightmares, etc. If he seems stand offish when encountering new folks, it usually wears off in a few minutes. The smiles eventually break through.

However, Uncle Randy and his grey mustache represent an impenetrable wall of sadness and confusion. No matter how many times Hank visits with Randy and no matter how long those encounters last, the sadness creeps in and Henry just cannot contain himself. Knowing it would be coming with Sunday's visit, we had the camera ready.

(Thankfully later that afternoon Henry seemed to warm to Randy.)

Monday, May 21, 2012

As mentioned many times before in this space, Hank loves his burp rag. While holding a docile Henry on the couch, I felt him grabbing, rustling, and tugging on his dear friend. Fair enough, as he's a busy and committed guy. He has pressing tasks at hand.

Soon after letting him down to roam around the living room, I noticed what he had inadvertently done. The rag was now tucked firmly into his pants, securely present for all of his future travels around the first floor. I'm sure it was an accidental maneuver, but it underscores the point nonetheless. He needs it nearby at all times.

IMG_2831 (Large)

When first purchased, this lawnmower toy barely elicited a yawn from Henry. That has all changed now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just as the Alaskan spring is blooming wonderfully from the snowy winter, the Tureks are emerging from a tough week here. Becky unfortunately needed knee surgery last week and thankfully it went well, though the soreness is a side effect that cannot be avoided. Between a few visits to the doctor and physical therapy, Henry has had to be a very flexible guy this past week. Add in Mommy's need to avoid chasing around and holding Hank for a bit, and you end up with Henry and Daddy attached at the hip for a few days. Henry just rolls with the changes and seems to enjoy the daily hikes around the bog and jogs around the lake.

He's also wise enough to sense that Mom needs a little bit of a buffer on the couch. He smiles and interacts with her, but is conscious enough to give a bit of space. He's a sensitive guy, and he's gone easy on Daddy.

IMG_2825 (Large)

As a 10 month old little guy, he's discovered the unadulterated joy of flailing his legs during baths. Life is wetter and happier than ever now.

IMG_2816 (Large)