Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring is upon us, the daylight is growing by 5 minutes a day, and the snow is gone. Easter was a relaxed day, church at St Elizabeth's and lunch and the Hamels'. I made a lamb cake and Henry and I took our basket to be blessed on Holy Saturday (as a bonus, the gospel was read in Polish).

IMG_9844 (Large)

Piper is putting together new words each week: sorry, please, soap, door, etc. One fun game we have is asking her to repeat different one and two syllable words. Henry is very ambitious.
"Say 'articulated truck.'" Piper just smiles away.

IMG_9818 (Large)

Kindergarten is coming towards us in September whether we like it or not. We put our name in for some lottery schools, but unfortunately ended up only making the wait lists. We have a few more options in the mix, but right now Henry is currently slated to attend St. Elizabeth's. It's a great school so however this shakes out Mom and Dad are confident Henry will land in a good place.

Full set of Easter pictures here.