Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We found out today that our son, Henry Allen Turek, will be born on July 7th!!!

He has been breech for at least a couple months and doesn't seem to want to flip over, so we're scheduled for a c-section. We were given the option of doing an "external version" where they grease up the belly and then push the baby into place. However, it only works about half the time, the baby could move back to same position he was in, and it could cause him distress, so we opted for the safe route with a c-section.

Now comes the guessing game...how big will he be (length & weight)??? Any guesses? :o)

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  1. I'm guessing 8 lbs 15-1/2 oz, same weight as Melissa... Dana was 9 lbs even, so big babies run in the family, sorry.... We'll be thinking about you two on July 7th, hope all goes well. Can't wait to see the pics of little Henry :) Love, Stan & LuAnn