Thursday, August 23, 2012

This kid is growing up by leaps and bounds every day. Henry went from walking slowly to drifting endlessly around the living room within 10 days. He’s a confident, growing guy.

If you watch him push around his cars and trucks, listen to his revving noises, or observe him as he finds joy in roughly chucking toys and blocks about, you’ll immediately recognize that he is very much a boy. With this in mind we had to trim away his curls and give him a more manly haircut. He doesn’t need a high and tight, but he does need to pull it together a bit.

During bath time on Sunday we did the deed. Becky carefully isolated the longest curls in the back, made the quick, permanent snip, and solemnly placed them on a paper towel where they could dry before finding their way into the baby book. I jumped in at the end to pick out a few stray clumps, and we pronounced Henry done.

Mom is a little sad as our baby takes a very visual step forward. He may still be a baby, but he’s looking more and more like a little dude these days.
IMG_3754 (Large)

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