Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're in the middle of October which means that the temperature is dropping, the snow is sticking, and pumpkins are being carved. Saturday Lesley spearheaded an evening of brats, carving, and apple crisp out in the Barnes' garage in Chugiak.  As it worked out I was the speed carver, which was interesting considering I had a great deal of help from Henry in endlessly reinserting the top of the pumpkin while I attempted to cut away at the design. He was very involved and really enjoyed playing with the slippery pulp. The dude was slated for a bath the next day so we let him have at it.

IMG_4170 (Large)

I opted for a very basic design -- a hand reaching out of a tombstone. In hindsight it would probably have worked much better on a taller, narrower pumpkin, but I danced with the wide date I had brought. It turned out well enough, though the more I glance at it, the more I see a palm tree. Hawaii is closer than we think so we'll call it a harbinger of sorts. What I know for sure is that Hank really digs being able to look onto the deck and see a flickering light illuminating it.

IMG_4182 (Large)

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