Monday, November 18, 2013

The snow is here as are the nights below zero and Henry loves it as long as the sled is part of the equation. And if dump truck and excavator are in the mix, well that is always a cause for happiness. I'd like it if we could get another snow dump or two to get the nordic ski trails ready to go. We are making ice every day, so the hockey skates will be in motion within a week.

On Saturday the sun had long set and the temps plunged quickly into the low teens, yet Henry only wanted to keep sledding down the hill at Baxter elementary. As chilly as that was, the truth is that he was geared up just fine. The cheeks never became fullly blown red and the smiles continued, so we kept sledding away. I did wisely text ahead to Becky for some hot (eh, more so warm) chocolate for the big guy.  After an hour at 12 degrees he happily chugged down his treat.

IMG_3264 (Large)

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