Wednesday, January 15, 2014

With the holidays passing and the bathroom work finished, it's been much easier to enjoy spending time around town with Henry. Whether it be sledding, hiking in Baxter Bog, walking down to the lake, or taking in an Aces hockey game, there is plenty to do in our dark winter up here.

Henry spent plenty of time covering his ears at the hockey game (excessive cowbells are the local tradition), but he never fussed, which is all you need to know. The zamboni knocked him into a wordless state, which is tough to do these days. Top it off with a four wheeler tooling around the ice during an intermission promotion, and it's easy to understand how Henry really loved the hockey game.

We recently picked up some skates and will be giving those a spin this weekend. We know enough about branding and advertising to market the impending experience as "hockey", not "ice skating." He's excited.

We toured a preschool last week and liked all of what we saw. He'll be the perfect age for it in the fall of 2014, so we only need to focus on a single hitch -- potty training. He enjoyed the visit, wants to go back to the school, and keenly remembers a wooden train being played with in one of the rooms we peered in. It all adds up to a guy that is showing great progress in trying the potty so he can go to school. We're getting better at it and trying harder everyday.

At St Elizabeth's gym, after months and months of visits, Henry finally noticed the flood lights.

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