Monday, September 29, 2014

Henry started preschool a few weeks ago and has been enjoying it so much that it seems like he's always been there. Our commute to the southside has pretty much been dialed in and it's a real challenge to get a good-bye hug from him once he's in Ms Debbie's classroom. Any fears about a tough adjustment have proven unfounded, which is a relief. I know one little classmate is literally dragged down the steps to the room many days. We hear song fragments at dinnertime and are told bluntly the virtues of sharing. Something is sinking during those weekday mornings.

From Henry's point of view, the crown jewel of Grammy and Grandpa's visit most certainly was the Alaska State Fair. He walked the entire day even though the jogging stroller shadowed him as a backup. It ended up carrying some gear, which was just fine. Henry rode his first carnival rides (merry go round and dump trucks) and thanks to getting there right when the gates opened, was able to walk through all of the exhibits, petting zoos, and tractors without any crowds.

The plan worked perfectly in that we were able to get to the Lumberjack show early enough to secure front row seats. Henry was satiated with a light lunch as the bleachers filled in. Soon the show started and all three competitors were introduced -- representing British Columbia, Stevens Point, and Hayward, Wisconsin. Early in the show Henry was presented with a cutoff from our lumberjack and he was rendered speechless. It was an impressive gift.

By the time we had the car loaded up and were headed back to Anchorage, nap time had long since passed. I thought for sure our all day walker would pass out as soon as the car started humming along, but he decided to stay awake until we were ten minutes from home. So, we ran an errand where I stayed in the parking lot with him and he snoozed away. We definitely got our money's worth this year.

State Fair photos here.

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