Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's in the 40s this week, so our meager amount of snow is melting away. Even though our winter will still last 6 months as usual, it will end up being much mellower than the Midwest. It's really put a dent in our sledding, though it's been an excellent ice skating year. We've had enough bitter cold to make plenty of ice, we've just had little snow to cover it up.

Preschool had a mustache day for reasons I still do not understand. I do know that everyone seemed to love it, which is more than enough justification for me. I'm behind any plan that makes the kids this happy.

I spend a great deal of time these days sitting on the floor either building Lego trucks or wooden trains, and Piper is never more happy than when she's right in the middle of whatever is going on. The picture below captures our usual setup. If I can keep the Legos out of her reach while snapping them together, we can sit like this for hours. She even dozes off at times.

Even Henry is hungry for more snow!

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