Thursday, June 4, 2015

Becky went up to Talkeetna with Grandpa, Randy, and Kelly to enjoy the 70 degree weather, so I took that Saturday with the kids and loaded them up for a hike to Symphony Lake. It’s a beautiful view and even though it is far enough up the mountain to be above the treeline, it’s actually a very flat trail. It’s a great walk for a pre-schooler.


Piper loves getting in the pack, looking around from a new height, and babbling away. Henry made it a point to wave at all the hikers that passed us by, telling them that we were “enjoying the beautiful view.”

We hiked about a mile in before taking a break to spread out on the tundra and give Piper a bottle. Henry was very curious about the blueberry and bog berry bushes, along with chasing around little spiders. Piper happily dozed off after whistling down a full bottle.


Awake and filled with food, Piper bleated loudly along the trail, while Henry was beyond happy that he was able to fling his banana peel into the woods. He asserted that we must return soon and check on them.

We were all a bit tired by the time we made it back to the 4Runner, having put in a little over 2 miles. In Alaska you must embrace the summer days. The skies were blue, sunny, and light for a little over 19 hours (dusk follows for 5 hours). We’ll catch up on sleep in the winter.


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