Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For whatever reason the Halloween Party at Preschool is always named the Fall Festival. It's just fun. All kids and staff wear costumes, there are games everywhere, and candy is handed out.

Henry gave each game a tumble, enjoying the hockey and duck games the most. Piper won the cake walk on her first try, after which she wisely picked a very full bag of cookies from the table.

It was happily clear that Henry really loves his teacher, Mrs. Nancy. As parents it's very comforting to have had really good luck with teachers over the last few years.

IMG_8755 (Large)

You can never going wrong when the game is flinging things at big pumpkins.

IMG_8756 (Large)

Piper has been walking everywhere these past few weeks, and has consequently become a bit of a wanderer. She remains a little nervous around strangers, but when she was at the museum with me last weekend she would pick a direction and then throw it into gear, plowing ahead with zero regard for where Henry or Daddy were. I kept expecting her to eventually pause when she realized we were nowhere to be found, but that didn't happen. We're in the toddler phase where I hang back and occasionally step up to turn her in a new direction. She's on the run.

IMG_8745 (Large)

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