Thursday, May 5, 2016

The pre-school year is winding down and the trees in Anchorage finally have small, green leaves. Most free days will find Becky and the kids running around a park, or just goofing around on the bikes near home. Camping trips for the summer are being planned, kindergarten is getting closer, and all the snow pants and boots are locked away.

IMG_9921 (Large)

Piper is able to run around anywhere she pleases and dig into whatever grabs her attention. As you might guess, she mimics the activity all around her. Our most recent chuckles come when we are kneeling somewhere (usually cleaning something up on the floor or helping Henry build something). She will quickly swoop in and pull down our pants, giggling the whole time. The rule is simple - if you 're going to peak in my diaper to check the status, expect the same for yourself.


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