Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's genuinely difficult to believe, but Henry turned 5 a few weeks ago. Becky and I remember vividly when he was first born, came home, and first started crawling around the house. Now we're staring down the first day of kindergarten.

On his birthday we ate his beloved Subway sandwiches, opened gifts with Grandpa Barnes, and assembled Legos while Henry and Piper slurped ice cream with sprinkles.

IMG_1443 (Large)

The following Saturday was the larger, proper party at a local park here in Anchorage. The kids ran through the woods, fought invisible bad guys, became very dusty, and eventually sat still long enough to devour cupcakes and watch Henry tear open his gifts. Piper cruised around the playground, giggling loudly each trip down the large slide.

IMG_1497 (Large)

As friends and toddlers drifted away to the rest of their Saturday, we lazily cleaned up, watching Henry and Piper bounced around the playground. A man passed through walking his dog and mentioned that he had just come across a black bear and two cubs in the woods behind us. After thanking him for the information, we loaded a fair amount faster and called it a day. The weather and company were perfect, and we were wise enough to understand that bears stomping around within fifty yards means it's time to call it a day.

IMG_1501 (Large)

Full set of birthday photos.

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