Monday, November 7, 2011

Henry is a very lucky guy when it comes to outfits. Here is his charming Halloween ensemble, with a onesie thanks to Aunt Mary and Uncle Tim. He wore this the previous week for his first campfire in Chugiak as well.

IMG_2038 (Large)

However, we wanted to find some quick costume for the little guy and happily found a bear jacket in the pile of "things that are still a little big." So he was an Alaskan Bear for Halloween, and the cozy, fuzzy suit produced many smiles. Wonderful.

IMG_2052 (Large)

We had the light on our doorstep but it did not help. Here in Anchorage if the first snowfall predates Halloween, as it did this year, we find that the amount of trick or treaters plummets. Night of the Living Dead flickered on the tv while Henry and I giggled away at the tickling that made it through the bear suit. After some time in the rocking chair with a few books poor Hank found himself all tuckered out and soon called it a night. He had a very happy Halloween.

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