Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St Nick stopped by

Henry may not be much of a talker yet, but he is all about Christmas. He loves gazing and reaching for the lit tree, fiddling with hanging ornaments, and giggling along with mom's voice as she croons Christmas in Killarney and Melaka Liki Maka. However, he was able to whisper to us that we needed to make sure his shoes were set out for St Nick's day, and we were not about to disappoint little Hank. Sure enough, he found his shoe filled with a gift from old St Nick.

IMG_2230 (Large)

As you can plainly see, he's one excited little boy!

IMG_2235 (Large)

I don't think he much cared about the stacking toy he received, but I do know he LOVED the wrapping paper. Aside from holding onto a wet, used burp rag, crinkly paper is the greatest thing in the world this young man knows. He'll have his fill of paper to crunch and lick within a few weeks.

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