Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We are in remarkably good shape in terms of preparing for Christmas. The cards were off in the mail about 2 weeks ago, the decorations are completely in place, the packages have been mailed off, and the elves came by this past weekend and baked their way through almost uncountable cookies.

IMG_2258 (Large)

IMG_2259 (Large)

Here is Hank at 5 months of age exactly, happily anticipating the moment when he can grasp and crunch the mountains of wrapping paper under the magnetic, glittering tree that he cannot stop gazing at. He's pumped, even if he doesn't know anything about this time of the year yet. His personality has been coming out stronger and clearer over these past few weeks, and it seems composed completely of laughs, smiles, inquisitive grabbing, giggles, coos, and joyous shrieks (see the video below). He has just become able to roll himself over (and over, and over), so the happy days have begun for Henry and a new door has opened for Mom and Dad.

IMG_2241 (Large)

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