Monday, July 30, 2012


Becky’s 6 month dental visit was coming up and it thankfully coincided with Henry’s 1 year birthday. Our dentist wanted to see Henry starting at a year so we put together a swapping plan. I would meet Becky and Hank at the dentist, hold him for his 3 minute appointment, and then take him home in the car seated vehicle while Becky finished her checkup with my truck keys in her pocket. Simple swap.

Henry quietly  absorbed the machines, furniture, and lights all littered around him. When the doctor donned a set of glasses and a head light Henry’s interest intensified. New things were afoot. Moments later Henry had a chart noting his 4 teeth, at which point we leaned back in the chair and prepared for the tough part – watermelon flavored fluoride applied directly to each tooth. I held the arms still, fussing ensued, and then 10 seconds later a happy boy literally smacked his lips between smiles. The goal of the whole appointment is to take the mystery out of dental offices, and the mild fluoride is a bonus.

The doctor even mentioned how well he did. “He’s a real stoic little guy.” I could never guess where Henry gets that.

Hank collected a new toy for his bravery and we zipped home to enjoy the sunny Alaskan day remaining.

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