Tuesday, July 3, 2012

While I was back in Alaska, Henry and Becky began their furious tour across hot and humid Wisconsin. When Henry gets older and asks about visiting a certain town or region of Wisconsin, we'll probably be able to say ,"You were there when you were 11 months old and you loved it." Grandma and Grandpa Barnes' new Corolla got broken in as Henry zipped through Wautoma, Madison, Wausau, and Waushara county.

One of his bigger trips was a long day in Edgar visiting Mandy's and Ben's dairy farm as well as a neighboring hobby farm. Henry encountered calves, ducks, rabbits, and rolling fields of hay. He loved playing with Mandy's boys and everyone soon worked up a sweat in the 90 degree heat.

IMG_3125 (Large)

Off the group went to Marathon Park for the water playground, a playground all the better because the squirting water was heated as well. No subtle shock from chilly water here. Henry came alive as he had never done before.

He found a wheel that when spun would aim the center water jet wherever you'd like. He promptly aimed it towards his mouth and face and gobbled away. Becky reports that his smiles and laughter were overwhelming and that other kids nearby even paused to notice. Hank had found his paradise.

At the end of the day Henry crashed very hard in his car seat and dozed with he look of satisfaction and happiness. Becky accurately proclaimed that he seemed to have had the happiest day of his life.

IMG_3188 (Large)

IMG_3193 (Large)

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