Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Amazon box finally arrived Friday after a few weeks on back order and it looks like it was worth it. Henry's push bike was assembled wisely while he played inside ignorantly. If I had him running around while I fiddled with wrenches and parts it might still be in pieces. Once the bike was whole Becky geared him up (as we are potty training these days, this means a little more than just putting shoes on him) and sent him out, waiting quietly behind with the camera.

Suffice to say, Hank was pretty happy to find his own bike right there. He still loves the bike trailer, but had been asking often about getting his own bike.

"Do you want your own big boy bike?"

"Yes, please." We received that clear, identical answer each time we asked the question. He knows what he wants.

Yes, rather than choose a blue bike we opted for unisex red. Aren't we the smart ones.

I had a pretty nasty flat on my work commute and had to temporarily patch a hole in my tire with some cards from my wallet, but I was able to get home without further incident. The tire was shredded beyond reuse so while I mounted my new tire, Henry also fixed his bike. From what I could gather, his bike needed a great deal of air pumped while the nozzle draped itself across the frame, along with Daddy's chain lubricant sprayed into his hubs.

Did we do a good job? Well, we both needed to wash our hands afterwards and touched plenty of tools in the process. Victory.

Believe what you will about the mittens in this picture, but it is still summer. A rainy weekend isn't tough enough to break this joy.

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