Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's been way too busy around here this summer. When the dust settles this fall and we look back on the summer months, we'll be pleased to list all of the activities we squeezed in before baby sister arrived. We still have a month to go and Grandpa Barnes is still visiting, but looking back at mid June shows just how well we are taking advantage of the long days.

While I hiked the Crow Pass Trail in mid June, Henry helped decorate my Father's Day Cake. Most of the sprinkles did not make it to the cake, and the ones that did were concentrated in a pile in the center. After a 26 mile hike with a single night of camping, being presented with a delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting was just fine. We treated ourselves to Moose's Tooth pizza for dinner and had an enjoyable night after I brought a smile to everyone's face by taking a long shower and safely stowing my hiking clothes in the washing machine. It is a great trail and I would happily hike it again.

Henry has been out and about all over Anchorage thanks to an active St Elizabeth's toddler playgroup. Between meeting up at playgrounds and trail heads, Hank is hiking and sliding his way through summer with a large extended group of toddlers. The only challenge is having 8 month pregnant Becky keep up.

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