Thursday, July 17, 2014

Melanie's wedding found us heading out to Wasilla on a Wednesday night to the Lake Lucille Best Western. It's a nice hotel with a gorgeous view of the lake, though on this night we looked out at a continuous downpour. The ceremony was moved indoors, the new couple seemed extremely happy, and Moose's Tooth pizza was on the menu.

Henry's potty training was hitting it's stride and we made many successful trips to the restroom with zero accidents. For being such a good boy he was given a Roy Rogers, which he promptly inhaled.

Alaska is a huge place that feels like a small town, as proven by the best man -- Trooper Simeon from the Alaska State Troopers show. If you count the fact that Sarah Palin's place is right across the lake from the reception, you'll notch our celebrity counter at 2 for the night.

Grandpa Barnes is finishing up his Alaskan visit this week, but when he first arrived we all high tailed it down to Seward for a Salmon and Halibut fishing trip. The weather and seas were just fine, we limited out on Silver Salmon very quickly, worked much longer to limit out on Halibut, and were mildly annoyed with the new Halibut regulations (1 of your daily fish must now be below 29 inches).

Looking at the picture below you'll conclude that we were happy with our fish pile, and that I was the only member of our group that kept bumping his head on the ceiling of the boat's cabin.

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