Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life inches along here, usually with subtle changes; Piper is rolling over, Henry is wrestling down the tricky teens, etc. Sometimes a few big things happen at once and you feel a big step forward. The weather is much warmer (high 40s ), Piper is much more stable, and Henry is all the more brave and confident when it comes to climbing around the playground.

IMG_6054 (Large)

It all adds up with Piper happily in the backpack as I cart her around the playground and the bog. After a half an hour I can usually crane my neck to the side and see her pink windbreaker leaning forward, her snoozing head tucked down. She spends her time looking around quietly, bucking her legs into my back at any excitement, or snoozing away – all adding up to simple enjoyment for her.

Henry tries endlessly to master climbing the wrong direction up a slide, only to be thwarted by his new, too smooth shoes. Piper takes it all in, only to wear herself out.

IMG_6030 (Large)

Summer looks to be coming early for sure, and we’re out there enjoying all we can.

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