Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sometimes things just work out in a perfect way, seemingly out of thin air. A friend of ours mentioned that her husband, an Alaskan State Trooper, was going to be giving a private tour of the hangar containing their helicopter and plane. Would we like to come? Saying no would have scarred Henry for life!

As the copter is a bit open and high up, Henry took a bit of coaxing to crawl inside. At a glance down it doesn't feel like you're standing on much. He soon accepted that it was sturdy enough to crawl around inside, and even put on the head phones.

His eyes opened like saucers when the GPS system was clicked on, causing multiple monitors to flash and blink before displaying a colorful, contoured map of Anchorage. Henry was keenly accepting of its being turned off, as he knows all about what happens if you let batteries drain too low (ie. Daddy doesn't replace them right away ).

He seem to enjoy the small, two-seater plane the best. He was able to reach and manually adjust the flaps. It was a pretty fun, immediate sense that he was actually flying the plane.

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