Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm sure in a few years there will piles of kids running around, but for Piper's first birthday we decided to keep it very low key. Randy and Kelly were kind enough to host for us, even though they had just returned from a trip a few days earlier. Becky and the kids had just returned from the Midwest a week earlier as well.

 All told, everyone had yet to completely settle back in to Alaska. A pile of cupcakes were put together, some brats were thrown on the grill, and a few friends were invited.

IMG_8393 (Large)

Piper had to be primed with a some frosting on Mommy's fingers, after which she start digging in herself. Oddly, she never dove in full force. Everyone seemed impressed that she is such a dainty young lady, but as parents we quickly mentioned that she can put on a mess quite well.

Piper eventually dozed off in Mommy's arms as we continued to visit and chat about European vacations and our perfect Alaskan summer.

IMG_8387 (Large)

Full set of birthday party photos here.

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