Friday, August 21, 2015

After the single night camping trip was such a success back in June, I quickly scheduled a two night trip for August. The whole Turek clan would be settled back in after the July Midwestern trip, and there would actually be darkness for some of the night (in June it was a hard sell for Henry to go to bed when the tent just remained aglow under the midnight sun).

I picked another nearby campground that was close to some salmon streams, as Henry was going to get his first chance to hook some fish. Portage valley is a pretty area, has plenty of hiking and glaciers, and is only 50 miles away. Perfect.


The weather was not perfect to say the least. Friday night was pleasant and clear, Saturday morning was overcast yet dry, and Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon was continuous rain. As you can see above, when you put Henry in his rain gear, he's happy and ready to go.

If Henry has had any difficulty on these trips, it's been in steadying himself during the hour it takes me to load up the truck. He alternates between bouncing off the walls inside and standing seriously in his boots next to the door.

Below is Henry's first fish -- the literal first fish he's ever caught. I would hook into the pink salmon that day and then promptly pass the pole over to this smiling guy. I think he, quite frankly, loved it. He also had his own brand new fishing pole, which I wisely set up only with a bobber and small sinker. He spent plenty of time casting into the creek, trees, and everywhere else -- while I was calmly pleased to have not attached any hooks to his line.


When we arrived the tide was way in, but thankfully within 20 minutes the water started to drift back out to sea. I've fished this creek before and know that eventually it will recede such that we can stand on gravel to fish. Off we hiked across the mud that had recently been covered in search of more fish.

Henry took a few tumbles in the mud and didn't care for it, but after getting rinsed off seemed back to 100%.


Saturday afternoon and evening, we cooked in the drizzle, hiked 3 miles in a downpour, and started a fire in the slowing rain. The temperature was reasonable, though the rain was pretty annoying. Henry was the one demanding the hike, fire, and everything else though. He only fussed after falling in the mud at the creek, and after taking a tumble after getting his foot caught on the edge of the tent. He loved it all, rain or no rain.

After dinner I suggested we read stories in the tent thanks to the rain, but Henry asserted that we ought to walk through the campground to "stretch our legs after eating." Ok. I'm glad we did because we ran into a handful of people that alerted us to a black bear and cubs cruising around the campground. Henry was pretty excited about this, and with our bear spray at the ready and the abundance of dogs throughout the other campsites, I wasn't worried at all. Exciting times for the Turek guys.

All camping photos here.

While the boys were away, our young lady took advantage of all the toy trucks that sat lonely and untouched.


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