Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall is chugging along and we are almost looking forward to winter. Honest. We've booked our January trip to Hawaii and it's now really hard not to only look towards that. Halloween? Christmas? A few birthdays in the middle? All speed bumps in the road.

All the grandparents will be coming along as well. The whole family is excited -- a fair amount of calls/texts are dominated by flight and resort chatter. Brochures are stacked up here and there and I can barely keep up with all we'll be doing. I only understand the dates we'll be going, that it will be warm, and that Henry needs to keep enjoying his swimming lessons. Everybody else is happily knee deep in details.

There are hurried trips out to the parks before the snow sets in, weekend adventures to the museum, and plenty of sandbox time. It's Alaska, so we'll just get some snow gear on in a few weeks and keep doing whatever we want to do.

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