Thursday, September 17, 2015

Piper and Becky missed the State Fair last year, but Piper is a bigger, more mobile lady these days, so off to the fair went all four Tureks. In particular, Becky was looking forward to rides with Henry.

IMG_8536 (Large)

As usual, we made it there right when the gates opened, hoping to miss the crowds, which we did. Our mission sent us immediately straight to the kiddie rides, which was oddly the wrong plan. The handful of folks that enter the fair at 10am on the dot tend to be people with strollers that want to hit the rides first. So, the fair in general was dead, except for the rides. The lines weren't really that bad, but it was funny once we did the math on our false start.

IMG_8512 (Large)

As sure as the turning of the earth, the lumberjack show was a winner. With competitors from Hayward, Wisconsin Dells, and Eagle River (WI), we felt at home. Henry once again scrounged up a cutoff piece of log and Piper smiled quite a bit.

IMG_8482 (Large)

As expected, everyone dozed off on the ride home. All pictures here.

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