Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aside from hanging around the house due to life slowing down and spending time with Henry, fall is nipping in the wind and mornings are poking below 32 degrees. There are more than a few reasons to enjoy lounging around the home on a rainy 40 degree weekend.

Scrabble and other board games are scattered about the kitchen table, Henry is sung and read to for as long as he is able to tolerate it, and I've decided to finally get to some of the all day recipes that have been festering in my mind. Sunday I opted for crock pot granola and the results were promising. I did not burn it, though it was slightly over done. A few minor adjustments should make this a frequent zip locked bag inhabitant of our pantry.

I've become more of a hockey fan as the years have trickled by, though it is hard to deny the itch for Bears football that creeps back every fall. Coupling that itch with the fact that Bears football is not always shown here in Anchorage, it becomes an event when the Bears are on, as they were this past Sunday night. Henry was dressed appropriately thanks to some generous Bear fans back in Indiana, and I did my best to accompany him. I watched the game, Henry dozed through much of it, and together we enjoyed hanging around a warm home while waiting for the snow to fly.

IMG_2004 (Large)

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