Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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It was a clear and crisp 35 degree Saturday when off we headed to Randy and Kelly's in Chugiak for a fire and some delicious chili. Henry was geared up with a warm hat, a fleece sweatshirt, and his Halloween outfit. We'll need to pick up some gloves soon, but for now he seems plenty comfortable without them (as long as he is held closely ). As is the case for most lights in our home, Henry loves staring at the fire. He does seem to get a touch ornery when he's in a highly stimulating foreign environment -- the young man needs to retreat to his boppy on our couch every few hours -- though he did great on Saturday once he caught a few z's in the car seat.  He has an endless appetite for gazing out into the wide open world, so we'll need to schedule as many walks as the weather will allow.

IMG_2032 (Large)

Yes, that is his (damp) pumpkin bib!

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