Thursday, January 17, 2013

There have been quite a few small earthquakes lately.

We experienced a small one during Grammy and Grandpa Turek's visit. Also, last Saturday at 3 am Becky felt a small one, but I slept through it. I believe I only woke up because Becky stirred and then eventually asked me if I had felt it. I missed out.

Saturday just after 7 am I found myself quietly reading on the couch while Becky and Henry snoozed away upstairs. The house wiggled a bit and I smirked at knowing I hadn't missed this one. Henry's monitor soon began broadcasting a rustling noise and then eventually some babbling. "Da da da da. Dadoo. Dadoo. Ma ma ma." It went on steadily and quietly for 20 minutes. I kept praying he'd fall back asleep -- he has 2 hours remaining on the clock -- and he did.

Becky felt the 3 am quake while Henry and I enjoyed the 7:15 am one.


Henry's 18 month checkup went well and it confirmed what our arms have been telling us -- he's 27 lbs and growing. We've truly been fortunate at how healthy and straightforward his medical checkups have been.


Pictures at Sears were probably easier when Henry could only crawl. The guy just will not sit still these days, particularly when he sets his sights on something interesting in a new room filled with new cameras, lights and cables. We ended up with some good pictures, but not without taking the long way around the barn.

We could not stop laughing at his incessant pointing. He quickly realized that a monitor was off to the side which displayed the just snapped photo. Therefore, Henry decided to point and stare at the monitor since that is where the operation ended. Just like Wayne Gretzky said, skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is.

IMG_0346 (Large)

IMG_0341 (Large)

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