Monday, January 7, 2013

We are pretty quick to put shoes away in the closet soon after we take them off. Somebody loves to play with shoes -- the wetter and snowier the better. Last week I bought some slippers and am more than happy to let Henry have at them. He loves examining their texture and keeps trying to put them on, and he's usually successful.

When Henry and I were getting ready to head to Saturday's with Daddy he knew that putting your shoes on would be part of the process. He quickly placed each of his feet into my shoes and started walking around the house with a smile on his face. The guy is ready to go.

IMG_0314 (Large)

Every 2 seasons the UW Badgers are in Anchorage for a game against the UA Seawolves, and we usually attend. After having luck at a basketball game in the same venue, we felt confident Henry could handle the noise and stimulus of the Sullivan Arena. Henry loved it, kept yelling, "Go!" at the skaters on the ice, and didn't fuss one bit throughout the entire game. There will be more hockey in the future for sure!

IMG_0324 (Large)

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