Friday, January 25, 2013

The temperatures are ticking downward this weekend, which is perfect because we'll be packing for Maui.

Henry has completed his sessions at Swim Like A Fish with a minimal amount of fussing. He's mastered the art of kicking, splashing, and tolerating periodic dips underwater. The goals was to take some of the mystery out of water and to that end we have success. He's completed his gym work and is now prepared for the main event -- Maui beaches and pools. We predict much happiness, smiling, and a head of nearly blond hair by the end of the week.

Shame on us for not identifying this sooner. Henry loves riding my back as I do pushups. He firmly grasps my shirt, pulls it tightly, and giggles away as he rises up and down. I wasn't aware that I needed an evening workout, but Coach Hank knows otherwise. He's getting us all prepped for the Maui beach.

IMG_0366 (Large)

IMG_0359 (Large)

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