Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This year's Iditarod plans were much lower key -- fewer attendees and no tailgating. We did a quick assessment of our gear, confirmed that Lesley and co. were in, and decided that a strategic attack with minimal gear was possible. I would carry Henry in the backpack and Becky would handle a small backpack with Hank snacks. We'd get there early as usual in order to snag the free, close parking, enjoy the first 20 or so mushers, and then hit the road before everyone else started to leave -- no traffic either way.

And that's the way it went. It was in the high 20's, very sunny, and Henry loved it. Granted, Henry was more interested in the news helicopters zipping around the lake, but he had a wonderful time seeing the dogs. He shouted "Go! Go!" at the dogs as the teams mushed by, so mission accomplished. A pretty day, a happy boy, and I got to wear my bunny boots.

IMG_0781 (Large)

Iditarod pictures here.

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