Monday, March 25, 2013

We headed out to Wasilla on Saturday for what is becoming an annual tradition -- the March for Babies on the Finally Pure team (a friend here in Anchorage owns the company). We were expecting to wake up to blizzard conditions but we barely received a dusting. However, as we made it closer to the valley we found the rumored snow and some very slick roads. Thanks to 4wd and careful driving we were soon happily walking along the track and visiting with friends. Henry ended up heading home with close to a dozen helium balloons that were worth their weight in gold as far as he was concerned. I don't know if he learned anything about hair and static electricity, but he did learn to laugh as the balloon mysteriously kept following him through the house.

IMG_0859 (Large)

It's probably a little more precise than reading tea leaves. When Hank's appetite is high and his sleep length increases, you can bet he's getting ready to sprout another 1/16 of an inch. After a 2.5 hour nap Becky decided that despite the allure of a quiet house, enough was enough. She opened his windows and made some noise, only to still watch him peacefully sawing logs. She snapped a few pictures for the heck of it before really rousting him. The guy needs his sleep.

IMG_0849 (Large)

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