Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter really snuck up this year. We ended up with typical near 40 degree highs, though we had heavy snow and bitter cold the preceding week, tricking us into just hoping the drive out to Randy and Kelly's wouldn't be on a sheet of 20 degree ice. All ended up sunny and dry. We may get another dump before it is all over, but it sure does seem like we are in break up. The Nenana Ice Classic feels closer than ever, and our 4 tickets feel lucky.

Henry helped color eggs the safest way we could manage it -- with water based markers. We'll give the 'ol Paas kit a try next year(we grabbed one on the after Easter blowout sale at Walmart). Henry chipped up a poor egg in the process, but that's the price of forward motion around here.

IMG_0863 (Large)

Easter dinner was delicious as usual and Henry plowed through his mashed potatoes like a champ. When you enjoy the photos, know that his smiles are powered by plenty of ham and yukon golds.

Henry received a few toys from the Easter Bunny, which was more than enough to pull all his attention far away from any of the dozen hidden eggs. After some prodding he did find a few, but those new toys were just too magnetic. If a few hot wheels and a toy house are enough to keep him riveted, we're in for a smooth ride as parents.

IMG_0889 (Large)

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