Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Due to a daycare scheduling gap with friends of ours, Maggie was our daytime guest for the past 3 weeks. Henry and Maggie have always played well together, so it was a natural fit. There were quite a few trips to the playground as temperatures climbed into the 40's, not to mention the delight of playing at the Spenard Rec Center. Becky did a great job juggling two toddlers and always found a way to have them smiling and ready for their much needed naps.

IMG_1081 (Large)

Aside from getting used to seeing Maggie less often, Henry is wrestling down a runny nose and a cough (as is Becky). I've avoided the Spring cold traveling around our home, but thankfully everyone is on the mend. Henry is taking long naps, gobbling up oranges, and turning the corner. With any luck he'll be in the bike trailer this coming weekend.

IMG_1123 (Large)

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