Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yes, it did indeed snow on Saturday. We set the record for longest winter on record here in Anchorage. It's a brutal prize to hold aloft, but here we stand doing so with pride. We'll mark it down, roll our eyes at each other, type out some snarky facebook posts, and then quickly hope for Summer. We will probably hit 60 by the end of the week, which means summer is here. It also appears to be dry as well for the next handful of days. Carpe Diem.


Henry spent the early part of last week coming off a persistent cough and runny nose. He's never been a whiner when sick, but this time he did debut some longer tantrums. He's knocking on his second birthday so perhaps the terrible two's joined forces with a lethargic head cold to create a few days of fussiness. He's happy and 100% again so there is nothing to complain about, though as parents we did fear the tantrums as an arrival of a new normal. They may someday become the new normal, but that day is not today, so we are thankful for what we have.

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