Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grandpa and Lucille's visit is winding down and later tonight Becky and Henry will join them on a trip back to the midwest. I'll be joining them in a few more weeks and attending the Barnes reunion in Marshfield, WI. When Alaskans travel to the lover 48 in June we typically expect to get a dose of summer heat. Thus far, Wisconsin looks to have had a less than stellar summer. Alaska has been blue skies, 70 degree temps, and near 20 hours of daylight for the past 2 weeks (minus the day of the triathlon, thank you). At a glance, it looks like Wisconsin might be a step back for us. We're looking forward to seeing family and friends, hopefully tracking down some sweet corn, and sleeping under the blanket of a star filled night.

Henry has happily soaked up all the retaining wall construction he's had a chance to observe. Whether it be watching the cement mixer churn or inspecting the brush pile with Grandpa, Hank is signed up. I foresee many baths thanks to the digging and inspecting going on in outdoor Indiana and Wisconsin.

IMG_1586 (Large)

IMG_1541 (Large)

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