Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our gears have happily shifted to fun activities with our visitors -- Grandpa Barnes and Aunt Lucille. The weather has been close enough to Wisconsin's, so our guests feel more at home then they might have expected (minus a few nasty, rainy days). Grandpa Barnes is working away at Randy's new retaining wall and Aunt Lucille has been enjoying some time at our home. In the midst of it all Henry is filled with glee at the happy visitors, heavy machinery in Chugiak, and hikes through our backyard bog. Along the most recent hike with Lucille this moose cruised across the trail. We really do know how to put on a show for the tourists.

IMG_1287 (Large)

I am very silly at times. In January I decided to participate in the Eagle River Triathlon for the third time. It is always fun and is an excellent push to hit the gym and steam through the remainder of winter -- It sets a bullseye on Spring. My training went well and I entered the home stretch fitter and faster than ever, though unfortunately the home stretch ended at a 40 degree rainy day in June. I would not see all of those training hours cast away, so I plowed ahead. Ultimately it was a fun event and I was pleased with my times, though I could have taken a pass on the need to run wearing gloves in June.


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