Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Henry and Becky did experience a taste of the hot summer we are having in Alaska before heading to Wisconsin last week. The picture below is of a Sunday at Maggie's right before the flight south. It began as you see in a windbreaker on the slide, progressed to a t-shirt as Henry and Maggie watered (read: dowsed endlessly) some plants, and finally ended in a shirtless Henry running around the front yard in the 70 degree sun proclaiming, "naked guy". We're a classy bunch.

13-06 023

The red eye flight with Grandpa and Lucille was as smooth as it could have been, though Henry only made it through an hour of sleep before a screaming baby on the plane woke him up. He then shifted into quietly looking out the window and just taking in his surroundings. Becky and company landed without sleep firmly in zombie mode, but Henry was a polite air traveler, which is all we can ask.

Amongst the text messages and photos I receive telling me all about Henry's travels across the various lakes and playgrounds of Waushara County runs the constant thread of his happiness. He enjoys all the folks he's meeting, loves the weather, and crashes out every night. I hope he has some gas left in the tank when I arrive later next week.


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