Friday, August 9, 2013

Henry just turned 2, which means we have yet to experience a full bore, out of a cannon Christmas morning. He loves toys, has a mild desire to tear apart wrapping paper, and while he loves certain items, he has yet to solder his love to a specific toy. He drifts around and has favorites for weeks at a crack, but they are mild affairs.

That may have all changed. Our new neighbor kindly gave us a very age appropriate fisher price train set that her grandson had aged out of. Specifically, it's an enormous tub filled with tracks, cars, trucks, and about a half dozen structures. If you were anywhere within a 1/4 mile of our townhouse this week during dinner time, you would have called child services upon hearing the howls. It was pure child abuse that we made him leave the train for 30 minutes and stare at a dinner plate through his tears. Thankfully the horror has abated and we now are able to eat, secure in the knowledge that the train abides -- the good times will resume.

We have not even attempted to replace the batteries and give the train a real zip around the tracks. Henry LOVES pushing the cars around just fine. In a while, when the new car smell starts to wane, I'll get out the screwdriver  and some batteries and cast some black magic over the set and probably give him a heart attack.


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