Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We have always loved all of our trips to Homer, and Homer has always responded with beautiful weather. We have heard tell of rainy, overcast days, yet have never seen one. For all we know, Homer is eternally sunny, 70, and blue skied. A few weeks ago we headed down with Shane and Melissa for a weekend of fishing and hanging out.

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Due to nasty seas our fishing trip was relegated to Kachemak Bay, which put us at a severe disadvantage at finding halibut. The fishermen on the boat all voted to give it a shot anyway. Why not? Well, needless to say we did poorly. It was a beautiful day and the crew gave it all they had, but the fish just didn't want to bite our lines. The less said the better.

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Our memories of big fish, great dinners, and exceptional nordic skiing used to be what was conjured when we heard the word Homer, but that has all changed. Homer is now the place with the brand new, enormous playground. It is really something beyond words -- Anchorage has nothing that even comes close. All you need to know is that after each long session on the equipment, Henry needed to be picked up and carried to the car kicking and crying. We'll be back to the playground city someday (and may find time to fish in our off hours).

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