Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There is no shortage to the silliness and fun around our home, but recently we discovered a game for the ages -- MonkeyBear. It all starts with the train set being dumped onto the floor from its plastic bin. After a long while of enjoying the train, Henry will realize that the plastic bin sits empty and unused. He will soon grab my hand, smile, and utter, "Monkey Bear."

My job is to find the plush monkey and bear, place them in the plastic tub, help a giggling Henry into the tub, and then cover the whole operation with a fleece blanket. Henry then sits down before yelping and laughing for me to begin. I then become a stevedore, carrying Henry around the room in random directions, moving the tub up and down quickly, and swinging the tub erratically from side to side, all of which ends in some unique place. Henry then tears off the blanket, gathers his bearings, and quickly plops back down. This cycle repeats as long as Daddy's back can handle it, though the joyous cries of "Monkey Bear!" from below the blanket could handle it for hours.

IMG_2663 (Large)

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