Monday, September 9, 2013

"Do again." That is the phrase that pays around here.

If we wrestle a bit, generate some giggles, read a good book, play MonkeyBear, or just run around the room in a certain way that brings smiles, Henry will ask to do it immediately again.

It can run a little thin at times, but the truth is that it only happens when we stumble onto moments of complete joy. I visualize it as a record needle sticking in a groove, slowly etching a memory. It may be an opportunity to chuckle and hopefully recreate a fun moment Henry will store deep into his long term memory, but at the very least it brings laughs.


Becky held Henry as I measured, drilled, and mounted his new coat rack. Once the job was finished I smiled and instructed, "Go get your drill!" Becky followed, "Daddy needs your help!"

He enjoyed moving the stud finder all over the wall, but using his drill was beyond exciting. As the days tick by since helping Daddy, we witness the memory growing and burrowing. At random moments and upon waking from naps we hear, "Help Daddy drill."

IMG_3010 (Large)

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