Friday, March 13, 2015

After a week of high 30s temperatures, we are back to single digits and perhaps highs in the teens. Winter is still here, the mushy ice is gone, and the sun isn't going down until 8:45 right now.

Teased with hot chocolate in the thermos, Henry and I have been hitting the rink most evenings, usually watching the sunset as we pack our gear away. We have the rink all to ourselves and Henry's skating is getting better rapidly. Most importantly, he smiles the whole time and laughs quite a bit. It's just a good time.

A long ways back, in an effort to make even falling on the ice fun, I would chirp "Man down!" comically whenever Henry took a spill (all in the hope of avoiding frustration settling in). Well, Henry really took to it.

Whether he slips to the ice deliberately or accidentally, I am always instructed between giggles, "Daddy, you're supposed to say 'Man down!'"

"Man down! Man down!"

The good times never end.

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