Friday, March 6, 2015

These kids love their Badger gear! Next to his Bigfoot pajamas, Henry can't get enough of his Wisconsin t-shirt. It's riding a little tight these days, but we'll remedy that this summer during our visit to the Midwest.

Piper started the day in her Wisconsin shirt, which meant Henry immediately removed his shirt and demanded his Badger shirt make an appearance.

It all added up to some good pictures and a few more notes of support for the basketball team.

Similar to Ray Milland, this has been a lost week for us. Everyone has the same nasty cold. As Henry was sick first, the finger of blame goes squarely towards preschool. There were a few mild fevers, plenty of sniffling, and quite a few days of playing solely inside. We're on the mend now, but it did give Becky the chance to pull out some of our indoor, more in depth toys.

We now have plenty of psychedelic crayons afoot.

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