Monday, March 9, 2015

Becky and Piper were still a few days away from shaking off their congestion, so I took Henry to his schoolmate's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. I knew two of the mothers and always have a great time chasing Henry around, so I was happy to go. No worries about the other 14 mothers being strangers to me.

The kids tore around the gymnastics room, bounced and bumped into everything, and smiled the whole time. Any bumps or slips were quickly shaken off.

I enjoyed watching the hide and go seek game the most. As the seekers counted to 20, the hiders spilled across the room in every direction before eventually settling into one of two piles under some large mats. Once the seekers found one of the nests, 50% of the kids were found. All the adults giggled incessantly.

After 3 pieces of birthday cookie cake and a helium filled balloon, we headed back home to eagerly tell Mommy all about it.

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