Saturday, July 25, 2015

Becky, Henry, and Piper continue their rambling across Indiana and Wisconsin. I'd mention Illinois, but they have only enjoyed 294 and the Belvidere oasis, which doesn't count for much.

Even though it was only an 16 hour stopover, the time spent in Indiana was well worth it. Aside from our wedding photos, I believe this is the only other time we've put together a complete grandparents photo. This one has more energy than our 2009 wedding photos -- people aren't wearing stuffy clothes and cute kids are wiggling around.


Henry is at an age where all he wants is to be outside and involved, in whatever is potentially afoot. He'd prefer it if you'd call them chores, but he won't quibble as long as you hand him a tool or give him a job that involves dirt or digging. Below he's picking beans in Coloma, and later Grandpa coached him up on proper hoe usage. The result ten minutes later was a single, well hoed hole in the garden (no worries, as Grandpa had wisely turned him loose in an empty section).


While receiving texts enumerating trips to the farm in Edgar, lakes in Minocqua, playground in Eau Claire, and Coloma library and playground, I'm staying busy in Anchorage buying a new 4Runner, steam cleaning the carpets, and in general cleaning things up with a concentration that is impossible with 2 active kids cruising around. Becky and I are both busy, and before I know it the circus will be back in Alaska tearing up town with their new car.

It's always a sign of a good vacation when you need to unwind from it. It sounds like Becky and the kids are as busy as is humanly possible. I'd better brace myself for a tired bunch that will be filled with endless stories they cannot wait to tell.


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